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December 2020

We spent some of December remote learning, but that didn't stop us from learning about some interesting things and completing some amazing work. 


Here is what we were up to... 



We were looking at a range of skills to help us in our writing, such as using fronted adverbials to extend sentences and using paragraphs for organisation. We were working on the text type 'non-chronological reports' which are pieces of non-fiction text that is not written in time order. We started our topic by looking at a text about teachers and for our 'hot task' (which we did independently using all we have learned) we wrote our own text to explain to Mrs Ball what students were.

Here is some of the work we did during this topic. 




For our maths work we were learning about perimeter and how it can be calculated for rectangles. 





We continued our work on the Anglo Saxons and we looked at fashion. What kind of clothes do you think they wore? 


We designed our own Anglos Saxon outfits based upon what we learnt about fashion at that time, materials available and the practicality for everyday life. Here are some of our designs.