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Chichester's January Blog 25/01/2021

Welcome to 2021!


Well what a strange and incredible 2021 it has been! We were all ready and keen to get back into the classroom and start learning together when, unexpectedly, we were in lockdown again and all had to start getting used to learning together again remotely. Never mind. The children have risen to the task heroically. As have all the parents, grandparents and carers who have been so supportive of the children’s online learning. Despite the many challenges, the children have been logging in daily and the quality of much of the work that has been submitted has often been stunning.


This is now a chance to reflect on the opportunities we have had and on some of the work that has been submitted. 


One of the most important subjects we have been looking at during this half-term has been our ICT work. We have been learning how to communicate our ideas using the Microsoft Powerpoint package. We have also been looking at some of the issues around how to keep ourselves safe online. We have asked questions such as "What information is it okay to share online? Is there some information we should keep to ourselves while online?" We have also looked at whether all the information we find online is reliable. We have also explored how we should keep ourselves safe if something happens online that makes us feel unsafe. We have been helped in learning about this by Childnet International and a feathered friend called Sammi. Here is some of our work. 


One of the most fascinating areas we have been studying during this half-term has been our work in science. This has also been an opportunity for the children to show themselves at their most resourceful and creative. This half term we have been looking at forces. We have been using model cars to look at the force of friction, finding out what materials magnets stick to and looking at magnetic and non-magnetic materials. 


This has been one of the areas of study where the children really showed their character! Their energy when they were provided with magnets and were given 5 minutes to find something magnetic on, in or under their desks was inspiring! Equally impressive was their classmates who carried out these investigations at home. Undeterred, members of the class searched their homes for magnets, hunting around fridges and in cupboards. The quality of the investigations the children carried out was equally impressive, with children recording a whole range of investigations into a variety of different materials. Here are some of the results of their amazing work. Please enjoy and keep up the great work Chichester!